You Are Currently Viewing A Comprehensive Review Of Features, Pros And Cons, Pricing Models, And Recommendations For Professionals

A Comprehensive Review of Features, Pros and Cons, Pricing Models, and Recommendations for Professionals


As the demand for telehealth services continues to rise, healthcare professionals are increasingly turning to virtual platforms to connect with their patients. is one such platform that offers a secure and user-friendly solution for virtual consultations. In this article, we will delve into the features, pros and cons, pricing models, and provide recommendations for professionals considering as their telehealth platform.

Features offers a range of features that make it an attractive choice for healthcare professionals:

  1. Secure and HIPAA-compliant: prioritizes patient privacy and confidentiality by providing end-to-end encryption and adhering to HIPAA regulations.
  2. User-friendly interface: The platform’s intuitive design allows both healthcare professionals and patients to easily navigate through the virtual consultation process.
  3. Virtual waiting room: Patients can virtually check-in and wait for their appointment in a secure online waiting room, reducing the need for physical waiting spaces.
  4. Screen sharing and file sharing: enables healthcare professionals to share their screens and exchange files with patients, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.
  5. Custom branding: Professionals can customize their virtual waiting room with their logo and brand colors, creating a personalized and professional experience for their patients.

Pros and Cons

Like any telehealth platform, has its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Cost-effective: offers a free plan with limited features, making it accessible for small practices or individual healthcare professionals. Additionally, their paid plans are reasonably priced, offering excellent value for money.
  • Easy setup: Setting up an account and getting started with is quick and straightforward, requiring no technical expertise.
  • Reliable video and audio quality: boasts stable and high-quality video and audio connections, ensuring a seamless virtual consultation experience.
  • Compatibility: The platform is compatible with most web browsers and devices, allowing healthcare professionals and patients to connect from anywhere.


  • Limited features in the free plan: While the free plan is a great starting point, it lacks certain advanced features such as screen sharing and file sharing, which can be found in the paid plans.
  • Customer support response time: Some users have reported longer response times from customer support, which can be frustrating when experiencing technical difficulties.
  • Occasional connectivity issues: Like any online platform, may encounter occasional connectivity issues, although these are generally rare and quickly resolved.

Pricing Models offers three pricing plans to cater to the needs of different healthcare professionals:

  1. Free: The free plan includes basic features such as video and audio calls, waiting room, and chat. However, it does not include advanced features like screen sharing and file sharing.
  2. Professional: Priced at $35 per month, the professional plan includes all the features of the free plan, along with screen sharing, file sharing, and custom branding options.
  3. Clinic: Designed for larger practices, the clinic plan starts at $50 per month and offers multiple provider accounts, group calls, and additional administrative features.

Recommendations for Professionals

For healthcare professionals considering as their telehealth platform, here are some recommendations:

  • Start with the free plan: If you are new to telehealth or have a small practice, the free plan is an excellent starting point to familiarize yourself with’s features and determine if it meets your needs.
  • Upgrade as needed: If you require advanced features such as screen sharing and file sharing, consider upgrading to the professional or clinic plan based on the size and requirements of your practice.
  • Test connectivity and audio/video quality: Before conducting virtual consultations with patients, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and test the audio and video quality to provide a seamless experience.
  • Utilize custom branding: Take advantage of the custom branding options to create a professional and cohesive virtual waiting room that aligns with your practice’s brand identity.

Conclusion offers a secure and user-friendly telehealth platform with a range of features that cater to the needs of healthcare professionals. While it has its pros and cons, the platform’s cost-effectiveness, ease of setup, and reliable video and audio quality make it a viable choice for virtual consultations. By considering the pricing models and following the recommendations provided, professionals can make an informed decision when choosing as their telehealth solution.